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CNN Update - D.C. Circuit Issues the Final Judgment

D.C. Circuit Issues the Final Judgment

          On November 9, 2017, the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit issued an order and a final judgment in the case between the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) and CNN America, Inc. (“CNN”).   

           The appellate court adopted the draft judgment prepared by the NLRB, with certain modifications.  The D.C. Circuit rejected changes sought by CNN.  The final judgment and the appellate court’s order rejecting CNN’s arguments are posted on NABET-CWA Local 31's website. 

           The case will now be sent back to the NLRB for further proceedings on the issues of the joint employer relationship between CNN and Team Video Services, the modification of the backpay remedy to conform to the D.C. Circuit’s decision in Capital Cleaning Contractors and the appropriateness of an affirmative bargaining order. CNN has already asked the Executive Secretary of the NLRB for the opportunity to submit a brief on these issues and others.

           It is still difficult to say how long the case will take on remand or how CNN will continue in its efforts to prolong this case and deny justice to the discriminatees. Nevertheless, NABET-CWA and its Locals remain committed to vindicating the rights of employees under the Act and holding CNN accountable to all employees for its now established unfair labor practices.

          The Union will continue to keep you apprised of further developments as they arise.  Stay strong. Stay united.