Local 11 New York

Contact Information:

Local 11 New York

145 West 30th Street
12th Floor
New York, NY 10001

Phone: 212-757-3065 Fax : 212-246-7780

Name Title
Louis Marinaro President
Daniel Nagin Vice President
Cristina Silver Treasurer
Timothy Gorry Secretary
Additional Information


Louis Marinaro         President      lmarinaro@nabetlocal11.org

Daniel Nagin           Vice President  dnagin@nabetlocal11.org

Max Sicherman        General Counsel and Chairman of the Grievance Committee   msicherman@nabetlocal11.org  

Cristina Silver      Treasurer      csilver@nabetlocal11.org

Timothy Gorry       Secretary       tgorry@nabetlocal11.org


Carrol Deolal               Office Manager            cdeolal@nabetlocal11.or

Elise Roth                  Assistant to Treasurer      eroth@nabetlocal11.org




NABET-CWA Local 11 Executive Board :

Unit #1  Anthony White   

Unit #3  Magda Stenzel   mstenzel@nabetlocal11.org

Unit #5      Gil Muro       gmuro@nabetlocal11.org

Unit #6 Bill Vaccaro    bvaccaro@nabetlocal11.org

Unit #7 Paul Sardegna    psardegna@nabetlocal11.org

Unit #8 Ivory Taliaferro  italiaferro@nabetlocal11.org

Unit #9 Bill Clark             bclark@nabetlocal11.org

Unit #10 Michael Carroll    mcarroll@nabetlocal11.org

Unit #12 

Unit #13 Rob Weiss   rweiss@nabetlocal11.org

Unit #14 Scott Robblee    srobblee@nabetlocal11.org

Unit #16 Brendan Long

Unit #18 Tom Cooke    tcooke@nabetlocal11.org


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